King State

We Have Coffee

We’ve been keeping this news under wraps for so so long (like a YEAR!?!), and we can finally officially say it O U T L O U D to E V E R Y O N E: our friends at King State are launching their newest location at The Joinery!

Musicians, brothers-in-law, craft coffee roasters and brewers, entrepreneurs Tim McTague and Nate Young are the founders of King State, based in Tampa. 

Both are super driven, hard-working creatives who are passionate about investing in their central Florida community and making Tampa (+ now Lakeland!) actually kind of the greatest.

Jon’s known these two ever since his days as a touring drummer in the bands Denison Marrs and Copeland (back when he was a bit younger + a bit less bearded). 

Tim (left) is the lead guitarist and background vocalist for the Grammy-nominated hardcore band Underoath. Nate (right) is the drummer + percussionist for indie rock band Anberlin.

Both are also husbands and fathers, so as their days as full time touring musicians began to wane (back in 2013/14) they took up coffee roasting, adding their unique vibe to the craft coffee roasting community that was then emerging and is now brewing strong in central Florida.

This year they were awarded the title “Best Coffee in Florida” by Food & Wine magazine.

And this summer they opened a cafe in a converted 1950s service station on E. Floribraska in Seminole Heights (the coolest Tampa neighborhood, in our opinion, definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been!).

The “tropical/punk-rock” mood they’ve created in their space is super chill, and pairs perfectly with their coffee, beer, wine, and food offerings.

On top of their seasonal selections of espresso, drip, and cold brew coffees (plus teas and breakfast/anytime small plates menu), they’ll also be brewing their beers onsite! You’ll find King State brews featured in our 24-tap rotation at The Bar at The Joinery.

Super excited. Can’t wait.