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episode 5

We have food vendors!!! Isn’t that great news!?! <Insert laughing crying emoji face here> It’s definitely kind of hard to have a food hall without any food vendors. So, phew!

Episode 4

In the latest episode, we’re getting closer and closer to the end! Get a tour, watch our (almost) breakdown…

Episode 3

In the latest episode, we finally see some progress—demo of the original taproom, knockouts in the concrete block wall on the north/back side of the building, paint on the trusses, and a wrecking ball doing its best to make way for rainwater to seep into the ground. We also attempt to lure/rescue a poor duck who was trapped inside our building.

Episode 2

In episode two, we reflect on the horrors of our wet and stormy December… when our building was roofless. The upside? No more asbestos! Hooray! Also, Sarah is GREAT at budgeting and math. :)

Episode 1

Our very first episode! Meet Jon and me in our first-ever YouTube debut! Here we’re talking about our latest adventure: designing and developing a food hall in our hometown, the very lovely (and hot!) city of Lakeland, Florida. We’re sharing our style inspiration for the space, as well as our biggest fears (phew, little did we know!)…